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Hi! I’m “Crypto Ben,” a cryptocurrency enthusiast and evangelist, artist, musician, singer, songwriter, traveler, web developer, freelancer, freethinker. I mined as well as purchased my first Bitcoin in 2013. It was during this time I had my “oh, shit” moment when it all made sense… immutable, fungible, unconfiscatable, be-your-own-bank, the internet of money that is Bitcoin. Since then, I’ve been a blockchain and crypto user, researcher, student, and lately a Bitcoin evangelist.

CryptoBen.com was founded in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a traveling artist and musician, work has been lacking due to bars and clubs’ closures. I have found myself not traveling much and having more free time to “crypto,” LOL. Fun fact: at the time of this page’s publishing, the price of Bitcoin was $15,315. Check the ticker up top or scroll to the bottom of this page to see bitcoin’s current price.

This site is dedicated to my friends, family, and casual acquaintances. Those I evangelized to and those who have asked me about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other techy stuff. And to those who have stumbled on this site, I welcome you to CryptoBen.com and invite you to browse around, learn, earn, and join the crypto family and BE YOUR OWN BANK!


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